Following the merger of the charities Keep Britain Tidy and Waste Watch, we have nearly 30 years experience working to manage waste better. 


The next two decades will see an increased need for new forms of living and a rapid move from a consumerist ‘throw-away’ economy. Keep Britain Tidy will encourage people, businesses, organisations and public bodies to ‘waste less and live more’, anticipating these changes and helping local people to work together to change their lifestyles, creating less waste and making better use of resources.

Our vision is that by 2030 reduction and re-use of resources will be the norm for individuals and businesses, with benefits for well being, skills, local economies and environment widely recognised. Keep Britain Tidy will have changed attitudes and behaviours such that the current ‘business as usual’ is socially unacceptable throughout society and everyone sees it as their responsibility to waste less.

See how our goal to prevent waste fits into Keep Britain Tidy's strategy for 2015 - 20.