Keep Britain Tidy’s work is underpinned by a set of common principles that run throughout what we do.

Firstly, we believe that values play a critical role in creating the kind of society we want to live in. Values are what drive political will and give us impetus as individuals to support change, volunteer our time and effort and to help others. Business and industry increasingly recognise that values matter to their customers, employees and the communities where they operate. Working with others where appropriate, our charity is keen to develop its understanding of the role of values in influencing pro-environmental and altruistic behaviours and we use a values-based approach to developing our campaigns, programmes and services.

Our work is also evidence-based. Behaviours that lead to negative environmental consequences are numerous and complex, and understanding these behaviours has always been at the heart of our work, especially around litter. We will continue to use our research as a lever for change and when necessary we will identify priority areas for action by conducting new market research to show what approaches are necessary for change. Research has always been important to Keep Britain Tidy, helping us to innovate and develop new ways to engage our supporters and the public at large. Our current work in partnership with local land managers to prevent litter through behaviour change initiatives and social experiments shows how we look to trial, evaluate and, where appropriate, scale our work and share the insights we have gained.

Keep Britain Tidy takes a collaborative approach whenever it can. Many hearts and minds are needed to create the meaningful and lasting change we need to tackle the key challenges our charity is trying to address. Keep Britain Tidy has a history of almost 60 years. We know that our approach not only needs to be relevant to today’s world, but has to speak to several generations at once. We recognise the need to frame the debate and engage in a way that brings our supporters and the public along with us. Our strength lies in our experience of bringing together individuals and communities to create change. We work with government at all levels, businesses, educational and academic institutions and other organisations in the environmental sector. Partnerships and collaboration is at the heart of all we do.