The Tidy Britain All Party Parliamentary Group 

The Tidy Britain APPG is supported by MP's and Peers from all benches and is determined to tackle the growing problem of litter that blights UK communities and ends up costing the tax payer over £1 billion to clean up every year. This group welcomes and wants to promote innovation to reduce litter, acknowledging that litter is more likely to blight poorer communities.

Unveiled at the recent Tidy Britain APPG was Keep Britain Tidy's latest innovation; smoking zones.

The approach was trialled by our Centre for Social Innovation, the think tank that delivers innovative, cost-effective solutions to Britain's biggest litter challenges

Based on research carried out at public spaces such as Euston Station these formulated sites can reduce smoking litter by up to 89%. Having worked with public space managers, smokers and non-smokers alike, the Keep Britain Tidy team creates a designed, designated area for smokers in which they can smoke and dispose of their cigarette butts correctly.

The All-Party Parliamentary Group’s chair, Jim Fitzpatrick MP, said: "Cigarette litter is a very serious, not to mention expensive, problem in Britain which urgently needs to be tackled. According to research by Keep Britain Tidy, many smokers are not even aware their cigarette butts are considered litter and are costing local councils millions every year to clean up.

"This needs to change, and we hope to achieve this with the inauguration of the APPG and will also work to bring other concerns around keeping Britain tidy to the forefront."

The new Tidy Britain All-Party Parliamentary Group meets regularly to debate and discuss the latest research, challenges and innovations that address the problems caused by litter and are supporting the National Clean for The Queen campaign. 

The secretariat of the Tidy Britain APPG is supported by the charity Keep Britain Tidy. The APPG is registered with the House of Commons. 

Download the report: How we change smokers' littering behaviour

For further information on how we can help to reduce smoking littering please contact Danielle Charman
01942 612672

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