Street cleansing and environmental surveys provide a host of benefits to you.

These include:
          * An ability to understand how services and local environments are performing;
          * Benchmarking with previous years activity to identify trends and improvement areas;
  • Performance and Contractor Monitoring;
  • Ability to identify operational and financial efficiencies;
  • Inform strategy development (enforcement, street cleansing, etc);
  • Targeted Improvement areas;
  • Re-zoning of street cleansing rounds / activity, etc.

Independent surveys provide extra assurances of the validity of the findings and allow for a detailed third party assessment, removing any potential biase.

In addition, our environmental surveys are carried out by highly-trained staff who have experience of undertaking surveys in different areas of the country. This gives you a true reflection of your performance.

Keep Britain Tidy strives to provide real value to any organisation, whether through the delivery of surveys, training or any other support.

We believe there are a number of key benefits to using our independent surveys. We add value by:

* providing a dedicated team of experienced street survey assessors with a wealth of experience who can conducti a range of observational surveys;

* having a national team which means we only need minimal notice;

* our surveying database system LEQS Pro manipulates and maximises the stored data to allow for trends to be identified and real improvements delivered;

In addition, we can provide

  • GPS tagging and additional reporting– Utilising our hand held PDA approach, we are able to GPS tag all survey locations in real time. To allow for visual assessments of the survey location and interrogate the data as required. Utilising the GPS tagging, Keep Britain Tidy are uniquely able to provide a range of services, including:
    • Boundary Mapping – which allows for the comparison of performance across Council / ward / area / town centre or estate boundaries;
    • Data Interrogation – the ability to sort data in a map format by grade, quantity, land uses, etc;
    • Heat Mapping – Keep Britain Tidy are able to colour code grading in order to visually show performance across geographical areas, land uses and grading elements. This allows for the ability to target high and low performing areas.

As well as street surving services, our team can also provide consultancy on how to improve places, campaigning advice on how to engage residents and an interpreation of survey results to ensure the efficiency of all front-line services. We pride ourselves on being able to provide support for as long as a client wishes.

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