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Litter is a huge threat to our environment.

Every day over 2 million items of litter are dropped on our beaches, fields, towns and roadsides, spoiling our landscape and harming our wildlife.

With your help, we can put an end to the waste and suffering.

Will you give £5 today or whatever you can afford so that we can continue to support our volunteers with the campaign support and equipment they need?

Volunteers like Deb, work tirelessly in all weathers to pick up what others have discarded. She admits it is hard at times:

“At times you can feel so disheartened. But I will keep doing this, till I can do no more.”

deb-image deb-image deb-image

It doesn’t need to be this way - we know we can make a difference. For every gift we receive, more wildlife can be saved and more people can enjoy our beautiful country but we urgently need donations.

Please give generously to our appeal.