Local authorities who want a cleaner, gum-free environment are being urged to sign up to this year’s Chewing Gum Action Group campaign.

The Chewing Gum Action Group (CGAG) runs a unique campaign which unites the manufacturers, Government and Keep Britain Tidy to encourage people to enjoy chewing gum, but to dispose of it responsibly.

By coming together in this way, expertise and resources are combined to tackle the problem of chewing gum litter in the most sustainable way – by changing behaviour.

The campaign is designed especially for local authorities who want to get gum litterers to change their ways and bin their gum properly. With good reason: the last Local Environmental Survey of England found gum on 95% of primary retail and commercial sites. Every piece of gum on the pavement costs 10p to clean up.

CGAG also works with local authorities to develop a range of local campaign initiatives to achieve maximum impact. The success is then measured, to ensure lasting change is achieved.

By promoting behaviour change among gum-droppers you can help create a cleaner, more attractive environment for residents, visitors and businesses in your area.

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