Litter Prevention Commitment


Keep Britain Tidy has, since its inception 60 years ago, been campaigning to reduce and eliminate the litter that blights our streets, our parks and our beaches.
In that time, we have worked with some of the world’s best known consumer brands to help them cut the amount of product packaging that ends up as litter.
The solution to solving the litter problem is to prevent it in the first place. Keep Britain Tidy has created a new Litter Prevention Commitment for organisations to sign up to. We are asking businesses - those we have worked with in the past and new partners who we hope recognise that they have a role to play - to sign up, get on the right side of the fence when it comes to litter and join us in the battle to make our country litter-free.
No single organisation, business or charity can solve the problem of litter alone. Only by working together can we make a difference.


Read the latest Litter Prevention Commitment newsletter here.

What are we asking businesses to commit to?

  • Factoring litter into their wider corporate social responsibility (CSR) and environmental policies
  • Minimise litter and its associated clean-up costs through product design, labelling and influencing customers wherever possible
  • Supporting recycling-on-the-go and other improved infrastructure to make it easier for consumers to ‘do the right thing’ where possible
  • Supporting national and local anti-litter campaigns wherever possible
  • Promoting their commitment internally and to consumers
  • Working with industry and other partners and with Keep Britain Tidy to develop anti-littering solutions

Keep Britain Tidy's commitment

In support of businesses’ commitment Keep Britain Tidy will:

  • Campaign nationally to raise awareness, galvanise support and encourage action to reduce littering
  • Support organisations and communities that want to take action to prevent and clean up litter
  • Award a ‘Litter Commitment Accreditation’, to businesses signing up to our commitment and take action to tackle littering
  • Co-ordinate the national profiling of the Litter Prevention Commitment and including the publication related outcomes
  • Promote initiatives that reduce or prevent littering nationally and locally
  • Share best practice with signatories and the public
  • Highlight successful activities/initiatives both locally and nationally
  • Monitor the success of the Commitment through surveys and market research
The pioneering companies that have already signed up to the commitment include:

  • Coca Cola Enterprises
  • KFC
  • McDonald's Restaurants
  • Wrigley
  • Dominos Pizza
  • Waitrose
  • Costa

If you are a business and are interested in signing up to Keep Britain Tidy's Litter Prevention Commitment, please email Kristian Bentham or call 01942 612668