Research is at the very heart of Keep Britain Tidy’s work.

It is only by understanding the reality of the situation on our streets and in our communities that we can make the biggest difference. That is why, here at Keep Britain Tidy, we think research is an integral part of the jigsaw.

This depth of knowledge enables us to provide efficient and effective solutions. By gathering extensive data on key issues we are able to tailor our campaigns, training and services accordingly to ensure our work is successful.

You can also take advantage of our research. From social and market research to local environmental quality surveys, it can all be used to your benefit - creating the most effective solutions to environmental problems in your area.

We can help you gain a better understanding of your stakeholders - their lifestyles, attitudes, behaviours and perceptions. This enables you to take action which will have the biggest impact.

While we have extensive experience in different research methods, we design each project to meet your individual needs.

Here are some examples of the types of research we have delivered:

  • Monitoring how the general public or businesses perceive organisations and the services they provide
  • Priority mapping of local environmental issues according to levels of resident satisfaction
  • In-depth research to investigate the factors affecting public satisfaction levels and how improvements could be made
  • Desk research or the examination of pre-existing data to identify current trends
  • Identification of gaps in perception and reality: understanding what drives perceptions
  • Detailed research into specific problem issues to determine the triggers and barriers to behavioural change
  • Accurate measurement of the effectiveness of campaigns and initiatives
  • Mystery shopping – undercover and independent quality check of service delivery

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