We're Watching You

Keep Britain Tidy's research shows dog fouling is a key issue local land managers, often due to the high volume of complaints from residents. Feedback suggested that dog fouling tends to occur more at night time and during the winter months as people feel they can't be seen 'under the cover of darkness'. As such, there is a feeling that some dog owners act irresponsibly when they think they aren't being watched.

To tackle this, Keep Britain Tidy has launched an edgy and uncompromising signage campaign. The 'We're Watching You' series are visible after dark, using innovative and cutting-edge materials. The signs 'charge up' during the day and glow-in-the-dark at night.

The hard-hitting signs are deliberately impactful, and the campaign aims to provide a realistic, cost-effective solution for land managers. 

The pilot of the campaign which included 17 local authorities and land managers led to an average 46% reduction in dog fouling across the trial areas. The campaign was launched in November 2014, and supports local authorities and land managers' own work to improve the quality of local areas.

We now have over 130 land managers signed up to the campaign, and partners have reported reductions in dog fouling of up to 90% since introducing the signs.

If you are a local authority, land manager, local parish council, housing association or community group and you would like to get involved in the 'We're Watching You' campaign, please email network.enquiries@keepbritaintidy.org for more details. 

The 'We're Watching You' campaign is only available in England.


We also offer a comprehensive Dog Fouling and Control training course, which provides a full overview of the law in relation to dog fouling and the relevant control mechanisms that can be adopted to manage local environmental quality.