Waste Less Live More Week saves £££s for hundreds

Our challenge week may be over but you can still save money with our simple tips   03 October 2017

Waltham Forest talks food waste

Helping to improve food waste recycling in Waltham Forest.   21 September 2017

Sometimes there is such thing as a free lunch

More than 5,000 portions of free food given out at seven Waste Less, Lunch Free events   07 September 2017

We help Ealing hit a 50% recycling rate

With help from our Waste Services team, Ealing save millions as they boost their recycling.   04 September 2017

Team knock on their 20,000th Trafford front door

We're spreading the word about recycling across Trafford, one door step at a time.   04 August 2017

We help boost recycling one doorstep at a time

Chester’s food waste recycling is now at its highest level for four years   27 July 2017



Waste less, Live more Week

A unique approach taken by Keep Britain Tidy to inspire and encourage people to get involved in their communities.