Christmas trees recycled at the sand dunes

Old Christmas trees are being put to good use on a Cornish 2016 Blue Flag beach.   12 January 2017

Uniting in the food waste fight

After new figures are released we are all asked to unite in the fight against food waste.   10 January 2017

As UK recycling rates drop – we demand action

 Recycling of waste collected from households across the UK has fallen for the first time since records began   16 December 2016

Watch your waste this Christmas

Have a great Christmas and do the right thing when the party's over   15 December 2016

Research into behaviour that leads to contaminati...

Research into recycling behaviour in Newham   15 September 2016

We help Surrey increase food waste recycling by 21%

Project with Surrey Waste Partnership increases food waste recycling by 21%   14 September 2016


Waste Services

The Waste Services team supports local authorities, waste contractors, housing providers and other organisations to help households reduce, reuse and recycle their waste. 


Waste less, Live more Week

What's good for the environment is good for us. Waste less, Live more Week brings together organisations and people from all over the country to take part in activity which is good for people and the environment.