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We announce the best beaches of 2017

Nine out of ten people put cleanliness top when choosing which beach to visit   23 May 2017

Celebrating another successful year

As the Cheshire Waste Volunteers project enters its eighth year, we look back over last year’s successes   19 May 2017

The public must think it’s right to fine litterbugs

We believe there should be a national standard for enforcement to ensure continued public support.   16 May 2017

Outdoor Classroom Day – 18 May

This week the world’s children will be getting out of their classrooms.   16 May 2017

Water water everywhere

But our research shows we don’t always know when we can ask for it.   11 May 2017

We wage war on messy beaches

The Sharp’s Beach Clean Battalion - at your service - for Devon and Cornwall's beaches.    09 May 2017

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